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Just say (I do)

★Title: Just say (I do) for tyreling
★Pairing: Kyungsoo/Kai, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, hints of Kyungsoo/Lay & Kyungsoo/Kris and other pairings
★Rating: pg-15
★Length: 8576 words
★Author’s notes/Messages for the recipient: i hope my recipient likes it! to be honest, i have no knowledge about wedding planning so i’m sorry if some of the information stated are wrong. anyways, happy reading (: special thanks to A and E for helping me to proof read this ♥
★Summary: wedding planner au. kyungsoo’s priority has always been his job but when a very attractive best man comes storming into his profession (and also into his heart), he might have to reconsider.

Kyungsoo’s never encountered such a situation. It’s so nerve wrecking, he just wants to run towards the nearest window and throw himself off the high rise building. This is the most absurd idea he has ever received.

If he was any regular client who paid for his services, Kyungsoo would have screamed his head off at him for being impossible except Byun Baekhyun isn’t an ordinary client and as Baekhyun has been his best friend for ten (agonizing) years, Kyungsoo is left with no choice but to put up with all his bullshit right this moment)

His head is starting to throb – the telltale signs of a major headache. Slender fingers pinching his nose bridge, Kyungsoo cradles his cellphone closer and replies in a flat voice, “Are you kidding me?”

Baekhyun nearly snickers but he clears his throat instead and shoots back deliberately. “I’ll have you know that I’m completely serious.”

Kyungsoo audibly draws in a deep breath and speaks like rapid fire on his phone. “No, Baekhyun. Just no. I mean who is going to wear an orange pink printed tuxedo on their wedding day? And no I don’t care if those are Chanyeol’s favourite colours.” He inhales and exhales again loudly just to show Baekhyun how much he’s provoking him. “If you’re about to ask if you can wear those Girls Generation printed shoes, then the answer is no.”

A snort is all he gets from the other line. Though he couldn’t see, he knew Baekhyun must be rolling his eyes at him.

His feet lead him in front of a full length mirror. Fingers tangling into his messy locks, the petite male squints at the mirror image. He’s definitely not going to work looking like this. Kyungsoo quickly combs his disheveled flaming red hair but fails to tame it. He let out a deep sigh as he continues speaking with Baekhyun.

“What flowers would you like for the wedding bouquet?”

He gets a reply in a heartbeat. “What choices do I have?”

Kyungsoo clicks his tongue as he rakes his head for the selections. He looks at the mirror again as he flicks away the fringe obscuring his left eye. “Peonies, roses, carnations, tulips and so on.” His hands reach for the floral scrapbook, the one where he jolts down his endless notes. Carefully, he flips the photo filled pages one by one, eyes darting back and forth rapidly like a well-oiled machine.

Baekhyun beats him to it. “How about lotuses?”

He feels exasperation pricking at his skin. Kyungsoo breathes heavily from his side of the receiver, torn between suffocating himself with his pillow and hanging up on his pathetic excuse of a best friend aka soon-to-be Chanyeol’s bride.

“Excuse me?” Kyungsoo can feel his patience wearing thin.

“Lotuses, you know? Nelumbo nucifera?” Baekhyun actually has the audacity to repeat it. “Should I get a google image and send it to your inbox or something, Kyungsoo? Or have you finally gone cuckoo from looking at too many flowers?”

Kyungsoo’s face turns sullen even as he starts plotting Baekhyun’s demise in his head. I hope a pigeon poops on your head. More than once. At least the wedding planner manages to muster up a placid answer without sounding too riled up. “I’ll have you know that I’m perfectly fine.”

“Sure.” Baekhyun chirps. “Do you still need the image reference though?”

“No, I don’t. Lotuses just don’t go well for the wedding bouquet. Maybe something else, something that actually makes sense. Lotuses are aquatic flowers, Baekhyun. What the heck are you talking about?” The sassiness is seeping through his voice and Kyungsoo feels proud all of a sudden.

“Who’s the bride here?”

“You are.”

“Bingo. That’s right.”

Kyungsoo badly wants to hit someone or something right this moment. “Urgh.”

“Are you constipated right now? Please don’t be. I’m about to tell you my idea for the wedding location -”

“One more word from you and you’ll be having your wedding on a deserted island or maybe in Madagascar. Just you and your husband, a group of waddling penguins and dancing raccoons.” The cartoon reference goes unnoticed by the other. Silence. Perfect. Kyungsoo regains his composure back. “Can I speak to Chanyeol instead?”

“I thought wedding planners are supposed to discuss the procedures with brides.”

“Maybe Chanyeol should be the bride instead.”

“Your attitude is showing, Kyungsoo and yes, I know I’m way manlier than Chanyeol.”

Kyungsoo groans loudly, unable to hide his aggravation already. “I’ll talk to you again soon.” Not too soon I hope. The displeased snort from Baekhyun is ignored as he quickly presses the end dial button before Baekhyun can sprout any more nonsense.

The seed of doubt is planted in his head and Kyungsoo wonders if this wedding will go as well as he had planned it to be in his head. He crosses his fingers and mentally chants a prayer to calm his senses. The wedding of Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun - everything must be perfect.

Kyungsoo is getting restless. The lines in his forehead are increasing day by day, his eye bags are getting darker and darker and unfortunately, no amount of caffeine can keep him awake and alert enough to finish his tasks.

“I think you should take a day off work, Soo.” Yixing, his caring neighbour from the next condo slowly sweeps a worried gaze over the fatigued male. He bites his lip when he realizes he’s been staring too long at Kyungsoo who’s slumped over the sofa with his head buried in tons of paperwork.

“Yixing, I just can’t.” Kyungsoo groggily mumbles, his voice dead tired. Kyungsoo’s barely even able to focus on him, not when he has his hands full of papers (or is it documents?). “I have too many things to handle right now. What cake would they want - two tiers or three tiers or more?- I need to make reservations for flowers, tables, food and oh God. My head is going to burst and I’m going to get PHD soon.”

Eyebrows coming together, Yixing gives himself a full minute to actually get what the wedding planner is saying. Sometimes, Kyungsoo talks like he’s sprinting to chase after a train and the poor Chinese male has to backtrack on his Korean language to grasp the meaning.

“I didn’t know there was a PhD in wedding planning.” Yixing stares meaningfully at the other.

“I. No.” Kyungsoo splutters, cheeks turning pink a little. He glares at the paper in his hand and crumples it vengefully. “Permanent head damage, I mean.” The ball of crushed paper gets tossed behind the couch without a care. Cleanliness is the least of his concerns right now. A small scream dies inside his throat, and Kyungsoo tilts his neck upwards, throwing his head up to the ceiling with his face scrunched up cutely.

Yixing coughs awkwardly, reprimanding himself for staring at the pale expanse of skin for too long. Kyungsoo’s porcelain-like skin is so alluring sometimes, Yixing just couldn’t avert his gaze. The Chinese male is starting to think that he’s developed a fetish for pale white necks (or maybe it’s just Kyungsoo’s). He isn’t Edward Cullen but somehow he’s already imagining how much he’d like to sink his teeth down onto the -


“Er. I. Lunch.” Yixing fans his neck to tone down the hot blush crawling up to his face. Apparently, all the blood goes southwards and suddenly his leather pants feel too restricted. “Nachos. Yeah. I’ll get some. For you too.” With that, he stumbles out of the condo faster than the speed of Baekhyun buying his new Girl’s Generation posters.

Kyungsoo doesn’t pay any mind to his friend’s odd behaviour- “Uh, okay. Bye.” - since none of his friends are normal anyways. He screams out loud at the door. “I WANT CHEESE SAUCE!”

It’s stupid really. Who goes on a vacation when their official wedding day is just a few weeks away? Apparently, Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol.

“Stupid. Morons. Idiots. Buffoons.”

Kyungsoo stomps his way to his office, the dark cloud literally obscuring his child-like face. Even Kris, the tall and handsome Chinese-Canadian, who usually flirts up a storm with the wedding planner stays in his cubicle quietly and fumbles with his tie. No one dares to prod an angry Do Kyungsoo, who has a face of an innocent kitten but a temper of a fiery lion.

Kyungsoo’s assistant pops out from the resting room, holding a cup of coffee out for him. “Bad day?” The doll-like male raises a questioning eyebrow. Luhan nearly flinches when Kyungsoo’s scowl deepens and he swears he sees a glimpse of Satan on his friend’s face.

“Horrible. Like a bird just pooped on my favourite pair of leather shoes.” Kyungsoo hisses out in a voice that is two or more pitches higher than usual before he grabs the cup of caffeine and continues to march angrily onto his office.

The ear splitting slam of Kyungsoo’s metal glass door is followed by deafening silence outside of his office. Kris and Luhan make faces at each other and both of them sigh simultaneously.

“So much for asking Kyungsoo out for a lunch date.” Kris runs his fingers through his hair, shoulders slumping in disappointment.

Luhan gives him the stink eye because Kris is utterly shameless and dumb enough to ignore Kyungsoo’s infinite rejections whenever he tries to ask him out. He knows Kyungsoo is single but he’s not out looking for love.

Come to think of it, Luhan realizes Kyungsoo hasn’t mentioned about his love life. Like never.

Unfortunately, coffee does nothing to soothe his headache.

Kyungsoo massages the crown of his head, pressing on the skin there until it turns sore while pacing around his white-tiled office in circles. Kyungsoo lets out a small, whiny cry of something along the lines of “Friggity frick frick.” His brain is so incoherent right now, he’s completely sprouting out gibberish.

So many things to worry about, too many procedures to handle, too little time to settle everything. God, please send an angel to help me. Kyungsoo silently crosses his fingers and hopes for a miracle to happen. If worse comes to worst, he might have to book a flight to Maldives to chase after those two lovebirds (and he wouldn’t give a shit if Baekhyun throws a fit at him for disturbing their holiday).

Just when he’s about to search for the latest flight ticket online, his phone starts ringing. He makes a startled sound at the ringtone and clears his throat before answering in a polite, formal voice, “Hello, this is Do Kyungsoo speaking.”

“Hi.” A smooth masculine voice floats out from the end of the line causing shudders to wreck Kyungsoo’s tiny frame.

Kyungsoo presses his lips together in a firm line as he tries to identify this stranger who’s calling him. Nope, the voice doesn’t ring any bell. In fact, this is the first time Kyungsoo’s ever heard such a deep, sensuous voice that could melt him down like ice-cream on a hot summer day.

“M-May I know who’s on the line?” The wedding planner mentally does a facepalm when his voice betrays his emotions in a stutter. He does not stutter. Do Kyungsoo never stutters.

There’s a low, pleasant rumble that sounds like a chuckle on the other line.

Kyungsoo is silent for a few minutes because the small laughter is endless and he’s so entranced by the timbre of the stranger’s voice, like a moth is attracted to lights. His face heats up in flames as he splutters unprofessionally into the receiver.


“Yes, me?”

Kyungsoo swears this stranger must be playing him like a fool.

He ignores the light tease and demands rigidly, “Who are you and how did you get my number?” There’s an underlying hint of irritation there. No one, he repeats, no one plays a joke on Do Kyungsoo and gets away with it. He mumbles under his breathe. “This better not be a shitty prank call.”

“You’re feisty. I like that.” A red faced Kyungsoo makes an indignant choking noise and tries not to scream a string of colourful words at the stranger. “Anyways, Chanyeol told me to call you. Something about helping out his wedding planner.”

Eyes widening comically, Kyungsoo’s jaw drops. It couldn’t be. The best man. He grabs the sticky note that Chanyeol stuck on his corkboard a few days ago when he dropped by and squints at the ugly wiggly writing of a person’s name.

Kim Jongin.

Kyungsoo’s heart skips a beat or two as he silently mouths out the name. The way it rolls off his tongue as if it’s meant to be there makes Kyungsoo’s toes curl in anticipation at meeting this Kim Jongin. His cheeks are painted a rosy pink as he asks, “Are you Jongin?”

Confidence is emanating from Jongin’s end of the line and Kyungsoo finds himself swallowing. “Indeed. The one and only.” The smugness Jongin radiates, makes Kyungsoo want to ram his face ito a wall of thumbtacks because no matter what, he can never deny how downright attractive to his ears Jongin’s voice is. “Mr. Right here, at your service.”

Ironically, Kyungsoo thinks that God must’ve sent an angel in the form of Kim Jongin.

Kyungsoo vehemently denies his attraction to the best man in order to remain professional. His job has always been his priority and will always be.

Exactly three hours ago (not that Kyungsoo has been counting or anything), Jongin had asked him to meet up at a nearby cafe which serves the best cakes and brews excellent coffee. Kyungsoo, for one with his addiction towards coffee or anything caffeine based, couldn’t resist the invitation. He doesn’t pay mind to Jongin mentioning that this is their first date or anything because no, the blush on his face is hardly caused by that.

Kyungsoo crosses his legs and folds his hands on top of his lap in a gracious manner, trying hard to ignore the smouldering gaze burning through his downcast head.

The gulp is loud from his throat as the petite male gathers his courage to lift his head a little to stare at his tea. Everything’s too awkward and quiet and Kyungsoo fights the urge to run out from the cafe. He lets his trembling fingers grab the teaspoon and stirs his tea in a fidgety way.

He thinks of Jongin’s smooth voice and - wait, Kim Jongin is not his cup of tea. For a second there, he even forgets the possibility that the male might be straight.

“For a small sized guy, you’re pretty cute.”

The calm facade Kyungsoo so desperately tries to maintain dies instantly, a confounded squeak falls out from his slack jaw and he drops the teaspoon clumsily, the liquid splashing out from the cup and hitting the table, causing people around them to stare.

Kyungsoo’s face burns hotly as he viciously hisses back at Jongin. “Do not call me cute.” He might be fun sized but that doesn’t mean he can’t pack a mean punch with his fists. And Baekhyun has been his victim (punching bag) for years.

“Okay.” The tall male grins handsomely, flashing his pearly white teeth (Kyungsoo thinks he might go blind). “Adorable it is then. Although, I’d say you’re leaning more towards the sexy kind of cute.” Jongin tilts his head to the side playfully, displaying his strong jawline, his dark eyes watching the wide eyed male with a trace of haughtiness.

His pulse speeds up and his mind races. Kyungsoo sits gaping like a fish until the waitress comes by for assistance. Jongin gently reassures her that nothing is wrong and the knowing smile on his lips has the heat shooting up to Kyungsoo’s cheeks quicker than a lightning bolt.

Kyungsoo assures himself that he’s just feeling flustered from making such a fuss in the cafe.

Or so, Kyungsoo hopes.

The taste of strawberries melting on his tongue is simply heaven on earth. Kyungsoo moans, savouring the mouthwatering dessert before he spoons another bite of strawberry shortcake into his mouth. Another soft delightful moan escapes from his mouth as he licks the spoon until it’s clear of any icing.

It’s only when he’s halfway into the third bite that he realizes someone’s literally staring holes into his face. Feeling awkward all of a sudden, Kyungsoo shyly puts the spoon back on the plate and decides to pay attention to Jongin instead.

“Did Chanyeol relay anything to you about the wedding?”

There’s no reply. Jongin seems like he’s in a trance, staring blankly at Kyungsoo’s cherubic face. It’s only when the other male raises a questioning eyebrow and releases a loud cough that Jongin snaps back to his senses.

Beyond ashamed at getting caught for spacing out, the tanned male fumbles out his reply. “Uh, other than the rings?” Jongin keeps staring at Kyungsoo’s lips for some reason.

“You have to be kidding me.” Kyungsoo exhales. And I thought Baekhyun was the stupid one.

Jongin clicks his tongue, showing his distaste from Kyungsoo’s lack of faith. “Well, you can trust me since I’m Chanyeol’s best buddy here. What I like, he likes too.”

The statement from the other is quite disheartening. According to Kyungsoo, Chanyeol has some unique tastes. When Kyungsoo says unique, it’s just out of this world. The wedding planner rolls his eyes. “Don’t tell me you two have the same taste.”

A spark lights up within Jongin’s brown orbs as if he understands the underlying meaning behind the other’s words. When he speaks, his voice is laced with coyness. “If you’re talking about love interests,” Jongin pauses and leans forward, a sly smirk appearing on his face as he licks his lips. “We both definitely have a thing for short cute males.

Kyungsoo gapes again for the nth time. He isn’t expecting that.




Kyungsoo squeaks, words falling out in a jumbled mess. “OhmyGod.”

It seems that Kim Jongin isn’t as straight as Kyungsoo thought after all.

The meeting ‘date’ consisted of Kyungsoo explaining and discussing the wedding plans with Jongin, Jongin attempting to flirt with him using pick up lines (Kyungsoo thinks it’s sort of cute) and Kyungsoo’s blood vessels going haywire because of the constant blush he has on his face.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

“That was a nice date. I’ll see you again soon, Kyungsoo.” Jongin’s hand is incredibly warm around his own and Kyungsoo nearly whines when he lets go.

“Yeah.” Kyungsoo gulps as he watches Jongin stride his way out of the cafe, hips swaying alluringly and Kyungsoo prays that this won’t affect his job.


Their next ‘date’ is at the florist’s.

The crystalline door swings open with a little swish of air entering the shop. When it closes back with a gentle thud followed by the sound of tiny bells chiming, Kyungsoo steps into the extravagant enterprise with an inquisitive Jongin trailing after him.

“You can look around first, Jongin.” The wedding planner states, surveying every crook and nook of the shop.

Kyungsoo makes a victorious ‘ah ha’ sound when he spots what he’s been looking for. The petite male merrily skips his way towards the refrigerated cooler, squinting through the glass doors where buckets of flowers and assorted floral arrangements are placed.

While he’s deep in thought, Jongin boredly strolls along the aisles.

There are cut flowers available for sale, displayed beautifully in water-filled metal buckets along the cloth tables and some even on the floor arranged in order according to size and colour. Jongin takes in the splendid forms in renewed curiosity. He wonders if Kyungsoo will like them.

The crisp air smells good.

“Welcome.” A bubbly voice sings. A svelte female comes out from the back of the shop, eyes twinkling brightly as she recognizes one of her customers. “Kyungsoo! It’s been a while since you’ve dropped by.” She spreads her arms wide to cage the wide eyed male in a friendly hug, unaware of the jealous aura spreading in the atmosphere.

“S-Sunny,” Kyungsoo breathes out or rather he wheezes out from the lack of oxygen. “Can’t breathe.”

“Oh whoops, sorry.” Sunny grins and steps backwards, releasing her arms. “Do enlighten me with good news. Is it your turn?” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively at Kyungsoo who has to blink twice to understand what she means.

Kyungsoo shakes his head. “It’s Baekhyun.”

Sunny’s grin turns upside down into a frown. “Oh.” It’s quite obvious the florist had a bad encounter with Baekhyun before this. One that she’d never wish to replay ever.

“Too bad.” The girl makes a gesture of forlorn as she slumps in her heels, sending her pastel dress dancing softly up her knees. Sunny continues in a teasing drawl, “And I thought tall, dark and handsome over there belongs to you. ” She points her finger lazily at Jongin who’s crouching down to inspect another flower.

Kyungsoo nearly chokes on his spit, barely managing to utter a coherent retort, “Don’t be silly. Jongin’s just here to help.” It isn’t exactly like Kyungsoo to be fretting about such matters, relationships are such a taboo topic for him.

Sunny looks like she’s about to go on and on about this but the warning glares Kyungsoo is giving her has her zipping her mouth shut. What a prude. “Fine, he’s here to help.” Making sure to stress that word, she flicks her wrist again to dismiss the topic. “Run along now and see what you’d like. I’m in a fabulous mood today so I’m giving you a fifty percent discount.”

“Just fabulous.” Kyungsoo mocks back, earning a swift slap on his butt from the florist. The sharp squeal he makes has him blushing to the tips of his ears, especially when Jongin chuckles at the odd noise.

And when Kyungsoo drops Jongin back at his apartment, he recalls Jongin telling him, “I hope you like roses, hyung.” It leaves Kyungsoo in a befuddled state but he safety drives home and lands face first on his bed, shutting his eyes with the image of Jongin’s young wolfish grin permanently stuck in his head. He’ll never admit, but he likes Jongin calling him hyung.

The next day, Kyungsoo finds a bouquet of roses on his office desk along with a small box of Hershey’s chocolates. There isn’t anything written on the card except for a smiley face but Kyungsoo knows who sent them. He’s a little suspicious and apprehensive but there’s also a small bubble of satisfaction blooming in his chest.

Kyungsoo’s deeply engrossed with the bouquet, how elegant and tasteful it is and he spends more than ten minutes just admiring every petal, every stem and the decorations on it. When he’s done, Kyungsoo takes a whiff. The roses smell fresh and heavenly, it makes Kyungsoo’s voracious heart ache for more.

Just the roses of course, not Jongin. No, he does not want Jongin.

Despite his stubborn denial, Kyungsoo presses his intercom and tells Luhan to get him a vase. “As soon as possible.” Kyungsoo’s deadpan voice orders.

Luhan sluggishly whines out a why but the assistant buys one anyway because Kyungsoo is such a slave driver when he wants to be.

The bouquet of roses are placed next Kyungsoo’s cupboard, on a small table just in front of the window. Sometimes when Kyungsoo gets bored, he starts counting the roses to get things off his mind.

Unfortunately, Kim Jongin stays in his mind for the whole day and the following days as well.

Kyungsoo brings Jongin to one of the most extravagant suit boutiques in Seoul. Rows of mannequins are arranged in sequence, dressed in different styles of tuxedos. Kyungsoo fingers the expensive tailored material of the single-breasted, peaked lapel jacket and imagines Jongin in place of the mannequin. He takes note of asking Jongin to try this on later.

“Hyung.” The word rolls off Jongin’s tongue like it’s meant to be there and Kyungsoo wonders if Jongin is secretly a siren with that tempting, velvety voice of his. Jongin brushes his palm over Kyungsoo’s arm, eyes wide like a child who’s asking for permission. “Can I try that suit on?”

Kyungsoo couldn’t find it in his voice to say no. Besides, Jongin looks good wearing almost anything and everything.

The black and white tux clings to Jongin’s body deliciously like a second layer of skin. The Adonis looks dashing, the epitome of carnal sin and it overwhelms Kyungsoo to the point of experiencing a meltdown just from admiring those broad shoulders. Jongin’s onyx eyes turn hooded as they meet Kyungsoo’s shameless ogling ones and the intensity of his gaze renders Kyungsoo weak in the knees.

Kyungsoo, by some godly feat manages to tell Jongin to get changed into another suit. A few minutes without Jongin should be enough time for him to calm his raging senses back to normal. Be professional. I’m a professional, Kyungsoo mentally chants.

“Hyung.” Jongin’s muffled voice calls out from the changing stall much to Kyungsoo’s dismay. A few seconds of silence before a rustling sound is heard and the door clicks open with Jongin’s face poking out as he pleads, “I think the button got stuck. Help?”

“Okay.” Like a puppet on strings, Kyungsoo stands up and gravitates towards Jongin who’s been affecting him more than usual these days. Upon entering the stall, he sees Jongin who’s already starting to take off his jacket since the first three buttons are already undone. It leaves Kyungsoo confused. “Wha-”

That’s before Jongin corners him like a predator catching its prey, sandwiching his slender frame between the wall with Jongin’s weight stretching fully over him. It doesn’t even take an ounce of hesitation for the handsome male to swoop in and smack their lips together, without any resistance from Kyungsoo. It happens in the heat of the moment and everything escalates rather quickly.

Gasping breaths.

Deep groans.

Lip smacking sounds.

Instinctively, Jongin presses himself closer and starts to coax Kyungsoo out of the state of shock he’s in. The tanned male licks Kyungsoo’s soft pink lips delicately before moving on to nip and suck on the corner of those cordate shaped lips, silently encouraging the other to react to his ravenous ministrations.

To his inward surprise, the wedding planner doesn’t oppose. Instead, Kyungsoo merely makes a tiny mewl in the back of his throat and parts his lips for Jongin submissively.

The Alpha male within Jongin swells with pride as he zealously slides his tongue into Kyungsoo’s sweet mouth, exploring the depths within, rubbing and sliding against Kyungsoo’s tongue in carnal sensuality. A lick on the ridge of his mouth has Kyungsoo making those kitten noises again and Jongin restrains himself from growling.

Kyungsoo whimpers and raises his hands to cling onto Jongin’s biceps when the tanned male presses further down onto him, slanting his mouth for a better angle, nose bumping along his jaw. The pressure on his lips are gone and Kyungsoo mindlessly leans forward to follow Jongin’s mouth, missing its presence.

Jongin makes a sound akin to a groan and drags his lips along Kyungsoo’s jaw, breathing heavily against his ear for just a moment. He presses hot kisses along the nape of the pale neck, delighting in how Kyungsoo shivers and softly cries out because Jongin is pulling his hair, making the older male arch towards him. He feels Kyungsoo flexing his fingers and scrabbling for a hold on his shirt but Jongin pays him no mind; all he wants to do is make Kyungsoo feel good.

What began as kissing has now turned into Jongin sucking at the skin of Kyungsoo’s vulnerable neck. With his eyes half-closed and heavily lidded, Kyungsoo’s mouth parted in silent pleasure. The sucks get progressively rougher and a whine tears its way out of Kyungsoo’s throat when Jongin nips his skin hard.

It’s embarrassing; Kyungsoo making noises he’s never heard from himself before. He has half a rational mind to weakly halt Jongin’s advances before it turns awry. “You have to stop.. J-Jongin!” Kyungsoo moans breathily, feeling the graze of Jongin’s teeth along his delicate skin. His hips jerk of their own accord and to Kyungsoo’s horror, he’s hard and throbbing down there and oh god, Jongin smells so intoxicating, it makes him want more.

Jongin abruptly releases his grip on Kyungsoo’s hair and pulls back, cat slit eyes dark and mouth swollen. He makes a guttural sound in his throat and rasps out, “Kyungsoo.” He looks like he’s about to say more but he doesn’t. Instead, his mouth finds Kyungsoo’s again, kissing him soft and sweet this time before he pulls back, their eyes finding each other’s.

Kyungsoo looks at him through a haze. He’s so confused, mind full of questions, there’s so much to ask, so much to say but he can only stare back, his breathing labored, body tingling and heard pounding. Kyungsoo breaks out of his stupor when Jongin’s finger sweeps a slow path along his cheekbones.

“Beautiful.” Jongin’s gentle voice praises and Kyungsoo isn’t sure if he’s still breathing. His thumb finds Kyungsoo’s mouth and outlines his lower lip. Jongin breathes out and presses his thumb on the soft, warm mouth. “So gorgeous.” Kyungsoo’s cheeks are flushed, a thin sheen of sweat glistens on his forehead and Jongin wants so badly to ravish him.

What just happened?

Kyungsoo’s face is hot with embarrassment. He refuses to acknowledge that his first kiss was taken away just like that. So much for being professional, Kyungsoo mentally slaps himself on the face.

The walls he had built up around his heart just went tumbling down a little.


The weekend ends with Kyungsoo typing away furiously on his laptop, writing documents and sending invitation cards. A distraction is good, it makes him stray far away from the images of warm sun-kissed skin, sharp jaw lines, dark eyes, a pair of tempting full lips and a smoky voice fogging his head. Just one more week, seven more days before the wedding and as soon as it’s over, Kyungsoo can return to his dull wedding planner job.

A video call request pops out in the left corner of his laptop. Kyungsoo’s forehead wrinkles in thought but he curiously drags his cursor over the pop out box and the edges of his lips twitch just from reading the username.


Seriously, how original is that? Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and contemplates either to accept or deny the request. He double clicks the accept button, just to humour himself and see what his best friend is up to. The screen goes black for a second before the connection is set and the video call begins.

Baekhyun tilts his head and his screen shifts a little, probably testing it first before speaking. The male wiggles his fingers as a greeting at the solemn-faced Kyungsoo. The grin on his lips is big and full of sunshine and sparkles as he giggles out. “Hi!”

Kyungsoo flatly enquires. “So how’s your vacation?”

Either he’s terribly ignorant or just downright dumb, Baekhyun rattles on and on. “The beaches are wonderful, Chanyeol and I made sandcastles, we watched the sunset and we had romantic kisses but I got a sunburn -” An amused snort from Kyungsoo interrupts Baekhyun’s story telling.

“You probably deserve it.”

“That’s not nice.” Baekhyun huffs. The cheshire grin spreading across his lips is certainly up to no good when Baekhyun whispers, “Chanyeol told me about Jongin... so is he hot or what?” He even waggles his eyebrow for the gossip girl effect.

“I’ll just ignore you.” Kyungsoo fights the urgent thudding of his heart and the relentless blush heating his cheeks at just the mere mention of his name. Jongin, Jongin, Jongin.

“Do Kyungsoo.” If this isn’t a situation where Kyungsoo’s conflicted, he’ll be guffawing at Baekhyun’s angry slash contorted expression. Byun Love Guru Baekhyun’s love lecture has Kyungsoo wincing. “That man is practically sex on legs, how do you not, how can you not feel an attraction for him? Unless, your male reproductive organ isn’t functioning well.”

Kyungsoo lets out a small shriek, the pretty pink on his face turns intense either from the insult or the fact that what Baekhyun said is true. “My penis is very useful.” No, that just came out wrong. “I mean, my manly parts are ... why am I even telling you this?” He uses his hands to shield his face, refusing to continue this conversation for the sake of his sanity.

Baekhyun brushes off the mention of his friend’s dick and continues babbling, “He’s like the biggest catch ever, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity like this and - OH MY GOD, IS THAT A HICKEY?” He goes jaw slack and points to Kyungsoo’s neck where a large purple blotchy mark is, a stark contrast against his pale skin.

Kyungsoo just stares with his wide round orbs narrowed.

“Oh looks like someone has staked his claim on you.” Baekhyun’s burst of insane giggles are threatening to flush Kyungsoo into a fury of shame.

Kyungsoo’s blood leaves his face as he stands up robotically and drags himself to the bathroom, silent curses and proclamations of hate leaving his lips. Needless to say, his terror stricken scream has woken up the entire neighbourhood and also a sleeping Chanyeol in Maldives.

That night, an angry Kyungsoo calls up Jongin to give him a piece of his mind.

When the sleepy male picks up his phone, not even a greeting is mumbled yet and Kyungsoo is already half screaming half screeching at him. “How dare you!”

“Hyung, what are you talking about?” Jongin’s half asleep voice asks.

Kyungsoo huffs and puffs, his face getting redder. “You know what I mean, who gave you permission to mark me?” He’s just spilling everything from the heart now. “I’m not even yours. I mean, I don’t belong to you,” Kyungsoo quickly adds, “Not that I want to. So don’t you dare do that again. Ever.”

Kyungsoo hangs up before he starts yelling his proclamation of love for Jongin because his heart and his head are giving him confusing signals and he’d rather not take the opportunity to fuck anything up before the wedding.

Jongin must’ve forgotten about the angry call because the boy is happily greeting him the next day of their meeting ‘date’ which is good news because Kyungsoo is so embarrassed that he acted without thinking twice.

“Is it that cold?” Jongin tugs on the silk scarf wrapped snugly around Kyungsoo’s small neck. He fingers the smooth material and hums deliberately, his molten gaze never once straying away from Kyungsoo’s face. His voice is laced with concern when he offers. “Do you need a jacket?”

“I - no, thank you.” Kyungsoo denies firmly, although he’s sure that he is blushing from the Kim Jongin effect. It has him bumbling and stumbling like a fool in front of the attractive man, something that Do Kyungsoo has never done before. He flicks Jongin’s touchy fingers away from his neck, eliciting a painful yelp from the younger male and gleefully suggests, “Let’s get Starbucks on the way before we find the band.”

Slowing a few steps behind of Kyungsoo, Jongin nurses his fingers with a childish pout. “Okay, hyung.” He trails after the older male like a puppy eager to please its owner. Jongin has changed so much in just a few meetings. Jongin places a possessive hand on Kyungsoo’s hip and bends a little to whisper hotly into the other’s ear. “Only if you kiss my pinky better.” The astonished expression on Kyungsoo’s face is so precious, it has Jongin laughing in amusement.

“Really funny, Jongin.” Kyungsoo attempts to be sarcastic but fails. It makes him feel so miniscule, it makes him feel like he’s about drown and fly at the same time and everything is just a beautiful disaster when Jongin is related to it.

“Hey hyung.” The chocolatey voice is tangling ropes of conflict in Kyungsoo’s heart again.

Kyungsoo raises his head, startled at the proximity of their faces. Jongin has always been sneaking up on him lately and catching him off guard when he least expects it. The series of palpitations in his heart start speeding up when the tanned male nibbles his own lips and Kyungsoo’s sure that Jongin must be doing that on purpose.

“I wasn’t joking. In fact, I really want to kiss you again.” His voice goes several pitches lower but the sincere gleam lighting up in his eyes is still present, showing how straightforward and honest Jongin is (and Kyungsoo doesn’t know if he should feel giddy or just scared).

“O-Oh.” Kyungsoo stammers dumbly. “Kiss?” He turns beet red after.

“So can I?” Jongin asks for permission and oh God, Kyungsoo’s heart is so full, it’s swelling so much to the point of bursting because Jongin never asked before and now he is. It must be because Jongin remembers his angry confession from last night. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this right.” Jongin makes a pleased rumbling sound when he gets Kyungsoo’s consent.

Jongin’s kisses are hot and warm, gentle and sweet at the same time. It makes Kyungsoo’s toes curl when Jongin cradles his face gingerly as he nibbles on his lip. Jongin pulls back a few times just to look at Kyungsoo’s flushed expression and sometimes he leaves light butterfly kisses all over Kyungsoo’s face just to make him laugh for the sake of it.

Kyungsoo dies a little inside when Jongin smiles at him, so full of love. His heart combusts and implodes in a storm of emotions. The thin walls of barrier surrounding him is completely demolished by Jongin and Kyungsoo knows that Jongin is the one. Who would’ve guessed he will get his heart stolen right under his nose?

“Am I your Mr. Right?” Jongin rubs their noses together affectionately and crinkles his eyes, a pale blush fanning his cheeks, barely obvious but enough to catch Kyungsoo’s attention.

It wouldn’t count as a crime if Kyungsoo wanted to kidnap the best man and lock him in his condo, right? Because this side of Jongin is so precious and makes Kyungsoo’s heart do high jumps over the moon.

Kyungsoo lightly teases, “I’ll think about it.”

“And I’ll wait for you answer.”

Kyungsoo’s heart has always been Jongin’s to begin with anyways.

It’s just two more days before the wedding and the new couple are lazing around in Kyungsoo’s condo, one shirtless while the other is pants-less. The movie is still playing and the bowl of popcorn is long ago forgotten but neither of the two pay mind since they’re much too busy in love with each other to care.

Jongin’s head is lying comfortably on Kyungsoo’s lap and the younger male nuzzles into the older’s stomach, inhaling the vanilla scent of Kyungsoo before purring like a cat high on catnip.

Kyungsoo is struggling to concentrate on his checklist. He clears his throat and flicks Jongin’s forehead lightly to get his attention. Kyungsoo doesn’t bother to hide his laughter when Jongin makes a litany of whiny noises and he doesn’t deny that somewhere deep inside him, there hides a devil that’s been waiting to come out to play. In other words, he just likes tormenting Jongin.


“Sent.” Jongin rubs his nose into Kyungsoo’s stomach again. He likes the softness of his boyfriend’s petite body, loves how squishy he is despite Kyungsoo firmly saying he’s not. This could get addictive.

Kyungsoo makes an odd noise similar to a crow dying, his boyfriend’s affectionate touches are distracting him so much. His body tingles responsively and Kyungsoo ignores the way Jongin sneakily slides a hand under his shirt to caress his tummy. “The cake?”

“Check. Chocolate flavoured.” Jongin runs a thumb over Kyungsoo’s belly button and giggles. “I like that.”

Kyungsoo frowns, not amused with his boyfriend’s dumb antics at the moment. He grumps out in an accusing manner. “Jongin.”

“Sorry.” Jongin’s face doesn’t look sorry at all when he snatches the list from Kyungsoo. “Reception hall and decorations?”

“Done splendidly.” Kyungsoo puffs his chest out proudly and snaps his fingers. “Vintage style.”


“You’re keeping them.”

“Champagne and wine?”

“All stocked and ready to go.”

“Best man?”

“” Kyungsoo splutters out cutely when Jongin’s hand goes southwards from his stomach down to his boxers.

“And will be in your bed soon.” Jongin’s voice turns husky, accompanied by the hungry look in his beautiful, dark orbs that has Kyungsoo blushing by Jongin’s blatant display of wanting to claim him.

Jongin is often touchy and possessive and he seldom misses the opportunity to mark Kyungsoo as his. Holding hands and kissing him in public, leaving lovebites on his skin- Kyungsoo will never understand how his boyfriend could transform from a little puppy to an insatiable wolf in a matter of seconds. Every time Kyungsoo attempts to resist, he fails miserably because obviously it is a losing battle when you go up against someone like Jongin.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying.

“Jongin.” Kyungsoo inches back slightly and pushes Jongin’s wandering hand away. “You’re -” Jongin is nuzzling his face this time, brushing their lips together then moving his lips to Kyungsoo’s cheek, Kyungsoo’s jaw, Kyungsoo’s neck and everywhere. There is tenderness in Jongin’s kisses, so very gentle that Kyungsoo relaxes in Jongin’s hold.

“I love you, hyung.”

Kyungsoo’s breath hitches and he lifts his head to meet Jongin’s calm gaze. This is the first time Jongin has openly declared his love for him unlike the previous times Jongin only shows them through his actions. From the firm honesty [V4] of his words, Kyungsoo truly knows that Jongin means it and Kyungsoo is too stunned, he does not know how to respond.

“I don’t know what to say, Jongin.”

“I will wait.” Jongin says boldly, gaze determined but the pained look in his eyes are apparent, he’s hurt from Kyungsoo’s one-sided response.

“N-No.” Kyungsoo doesn’t want Jongin to misunderstand what he means. “I mean, I’m - I - I want this too.” The doe eyed male gestures cutely, pointing a finger back and forth between them and he prays to the Gods above that Jongin understands. He’s already making a fool of himself enough nowadays in front of him.

“Really?” Jongin sounds too hopeful.

It’s not his fault that he’s stuttering and stammering, Kyungsoo thinks, because those enchanting dark eyes never stop looking at him with so much warmth, trust and joy. “Y-Yes. I like this. I like us. And I love you.”

Jongin smiles at him, lips tugging up to accentuate his handsome, boyish features and Kyungsoo thinks that’s by far the most dazzling smile he has ever seen.

Everything goes smoothly just as planned, Chanyeol (surprisingly) remembers his vows, Baekhyun doesn’t try to sass his guests, Jongdae doesn’t cause a riot during the band performance and the wedding reception is about to end. Kyungsoo gives himself a pat on the back for a job well done. This is so far the best wedding he has ever planned judging from the awed looks the guests show once they enter the reception place; they must love the vintage style Kyungsoo chose for the decorations.

The reception is a simple tea party. Cakes, pastries, sandwiches, petit fours and tea are served in flowery vintage jugs, tea pots and cake stands on the lace dining tables where rows of beautiful dahlia flowers are pristinely arranged in glass bottles and polka dot napkins are placed next to the champagne and wine.

Kyungsoo fixes his boutonniere, a unique flower-bead lapel, and sets off to find the best man. Jongin’s been missing ever since the ceremony ended and it isn’t so Jongin-like for him to skip the reception because food is Jongin’s second lover.

Kyungsoo bumps into a tall male who’s eating a cream souffle and realises it’s one of his workers. “Hey, Kris. Have you seen Jongin?”

“Uh.” Kris looks a little flustered but he answers levelly. “Nope.” He panics when the shorter male’s shoulders slump in disappointment. “Wait, I think I saw him leaving when the ceremony ended. I’m not sure where he went though.”

“Oh, okay...” Kyungsoo mumbles, ready to leave because he doesn’t want another start awkward date rejection with Kris. He turns to his left and notices his neighbour walking towards them with that dimpled grin on his lips.

“You totally rocked this place, Soo.” Yixing praises and hands him a glass of champagne. “A toast to you.”

“Thanks.” Kyungsoo sips from the champagne glass, eyes darting everywhere in search of tan skin and full lips. He suddenly remembers that Kris is still with them and the gears in his head start turning. “Yixing, I want you to meet one of my workers. This is Kris. Kris, Yixing.” He gestures to one another while smiling cheekily. “Do get along. I’m going to find Jongin.”

Kyungsoo knows he has the skills of a matchmaker. After all he’s the one who introduced Baekhyun to Chanyeol.

No one notices as the groom steps up the stage and clear his throat so Chanyeol passes his announcement in his own loudmouth way.

“EVERYONE.” Chanyeol’s boisterous voice yells out and the crowds’ cheering has gone quiet. “IT IS TIME!” He ends it with a guffawing laugh that has his own bride snorting at him. The groom holds onto Baekhyun’s hand and guides them out from the front door, ready to take their leave. The guests’ cheers are deafening as they trail behind the wedded couple outside.

There’s a Rolls Royce Vintage car outside waiting for them and the crowd nearly goes wild when they see Baekhyun holding a bouquet. It’s time for the tossing of wedding bouquet. A group of single ladies and some males are gathered around him, anticipating for the throw.

A grinning Kyungsoo stands at the side line and watches on ecstatically. This has always been the best part of weddings. He’s not that superstitious but it doesn’t hurt to believe in traditions especially interesting ones. The grin on his face widens when he spots Jongin on the opposite side of the garden and his legs automatically carry themselves towards him.

“Are you ready?” Baekhyun’s question is answered by eager squeals.

Kyungsoo walks his way through the large crowd, mumbling lots of ‘excuse me-s’, ‘pardon, let me through please-s’ and one ‘you just stepped on my foot, bitch’ of course he doesn’t say curse words out loud. He doesn’t even realize that Baekhyun is getting ready for the toss.

“Three, Two, One!” Baekhyun does a countdown before he swings and throws the bouquet with all his strength, sending it flying to the large crowd.

At the same time, Kyungsoo is being squished by squealing girls who are abusing their high heels on his leather clad shoes. The wide eyed male releases a painful shriek when someone accidentally elbows his stomach and a girl trips right in front of him causing him to stumble in his steps. The momentum throws him off balance as Kyungsoo stretches his arms forward -

Just in time for the wedding bouquet to fall into his arms.

Everything goes silent for a moment.

Upon feeling all the stares on him, Kyungsoo shrinks back in embarrassment. “Uh.” He manages to mumble out before his voice dies and his cheeks colour.

It’s Baekhyun who snorts and laughs first, trust fate to pass his blessings to his best friend. “Congratulations to the lucky lady, I mean, gentleman!” He makes a hand clapping motion and everyone follows along.

Kyungsoo wants to sink into the ground and hide there forever because Jongin is now approaching him and he’s all gummy smiles and looks devilishly gorgeous in a tux (which is Kyungsoo’s weakness). He swears he can hear Baekhyun cackling at him.

“That’s lucky of you.” Jongin’s hair is sexily gelled and all Kyungsoo could think of is wanting to run his fingers and pull -

“Yeah.” Kyungsoo gulps, face hot.

“Very perfect timing too.”

“Huh?” Kyungsoo is baffled. Confusion turns into perplexity when Jongin nervously wets his lips, digging his hand into his pocket and pulling out a small navy blue velvet box. Breathing suddenly gets harder and harder for Kyungsoo because he is half-sure half-not that Jongin is doing what Kyungsoo thinks he’s doing.

“Jongin, what are you -” He gasps and the crowd gasp along with him too.

Jongin is getting down on one knee and Kyungsoo is positively sure his heart just stopped beating there and then. His head is dizzy but his heart is leaping with joy, Kyungsoo could faintly hear the encouraging cheers from the crowd, screams of ‘go, my man, go for it’ from Chanyeol and delighted shrieks from Baekhyun.

“My beloved Do Kyungsoo.” Jongin’s voice is thick with emotion.

Kyungsoo’s palms are sweating like a waterfall. He sucks in a huge gulp of oxygen for his aching lungs and wills himself not to faint from prospect because this is the moment of a lifetime he has been dreaming of ever since he was a child. This is the right time, the right place and the right person.

Jongin cradles the ring in his hand like a treasure and holds it up for Kyungsoo, an offer, and continues. “You are the most enchanting person I’ve ever met from the tip of your hair to the bottom of your toes, I think you are perfect. I think, no, I know that I want to spend my whole lifetime with you.” He pauses, gathering his courage with everyone’s supportive murmurs in the background. “We’ve barely known each other for a month. It might be early or it might not, but I know this is what my heart wants. It calls for you, Kyungsoo and I just want you to know that I’ll always love you. I will wait for you. So, will you give me the honour of being your husband?”

Baekhyun starts the chant. “Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!” and soon a hundred voices are joining him.

It’s not that Kyungsoo doesn’t want to accept; he’s just too choked up that his eyes are brimming with unshed tears and his nose is getting all runny and he just wants to sob out to the world how lucky he is. The adoration spilling from Jongin’s eyes as he slips on the simple band of white gold on Kyungsoo’s ring finger has Kyungsoo nodding furiously with a choked ‘yes, yes, yes.’

The crowd bursts in animated applause when Kyungsoo pounces on top of Jongin and kisses him over and over again despite the cat calls and wolf whistles from their friends. Well fuck them, it’s all about the two of them now.

The noise seems to fade behind them but Kyungsoo doesn’t care because he’s on top of the world right now. He balances himself on his tip toes and pecks Jongin’s cheek once more then noses at his jaw. “I really don’t know what to say, Jongin.”

Jongin gazes back at him with so much love, Kyungsoo’s heart hurts from happiness. “Just say I do.”

Kyungsoo indulges his newly gained fiancee just for fun, whispering ‘i do, i do, i do’ into his ear until Jongin grins like a love-struck fool before leaning down to brush their lips together, feeling the sparks fly and crash like it is their first time all over again and it is a promise for them to start a new beginning together. As one.

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