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ʚ sooheaven ɞ
ʚ Title: Babe-raham Lincoln for jjokkomi
ʚ Pairing(s): kaisoo
ʚ Rating: pg13
ʚ Warnings: some homophobia
ʚ Word Count: ~2,200
ʚ Summary: and maybe do kyungsoo, the president's son, did like history pick-up lines.

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Title: You and Me (Baby Let’s Make Three) for aodhankingkiler
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun
Rating: like PG-13
Warnings: um ...none that I can think of….maybe language?
Word Count: 4504
Summary: Kyungsoo has always known Baekhyun was full of surprises but what he doesn’t expect to happen is Kyungsoo coming home one winter night with a very different surprise in Baekhyun’s arms. (Parentals!AU)
Message to recipient/note: First I want to thank you recipient for your amazing prompts. I’ve been thinking about your prompts for so long and I wish I had enough time to write all of them! (I might eventually huhuhu) I took your Parentals! Au idea and kind of morphed it into this! It’s not quite word for word your prompt but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Thank you for letting me write Baeksoo Parentals AU! You’re amazing~~ And also a major thank you to the mods for being so incredibly patient with me!

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ʚ Title: Would you be mine? Could you be mine? for moon_things
ʚ Pairing(s): chanyeol/kyungsoo, baekhyun/jongin, jongdae/liyin, sehun/tao
ʚ Rating: nc-17
ʚ Warnings: swearing, sex and sexual themes, alcohol use (and a little drunken canoodling), terribly unclever dog names
ʚ Word Count: 11,145
ʚ Summary: When Kyungsoo Do moves out of his parents’ house his third year of college, everything is perfect...Except his neighbor
ʚ Message for your recipient/author note: If the title sounds familiar, yes indeed, it is a Mr. Rogers reference. No, I have no shame whatsoever. It’s Chansoo, but I tried to incorporate some Baeksoo and Kaisoo elements too since I love them all orz my multishipping heart orz.
Special thanks to my beta S, as always. You complete me <3
Anyway, please enjoy your fic 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) I had a lot of fun writing it!! I actually grew really attached to this universe, which is why it’s so long, eheh. Yeah, I just kind of took your prompt and ran...very far with it... (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 In fact, once reveals are up and I have actual free time, I’m going to work on an extended version to post up on my livejournal! The gift that just keeps on giving, right?

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ʚ Title: Pardon The Way I Stare (I Foresee You With Me) for woohyunized
ʚ Pairing(s): Kyungsoo/Kai
ʚ Rating: PG-13
ʚ Warnings: N/A
ʚ Word Count: 2,438
ʚ Summary: Kyungsoo surmises that maybe there could be such a thing as love at first sight. Chanyeol is useless, and Baekhyun deserves to be hit but a chocolate would suffice.
ʚ Message for your recipient/author note: hi OP idk if it’s up to your expectations at all but i hope you like it. i opted for a more lighter feel in the concept and i think i kind of deviated a bit from the prompt but hopefully this would be an enjoyable read. happy kaisoo month hahaha. ^^

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ʚ Title: Just Say Yes for jakeun
ʚ Pairing(s): chen/kyungsoo, past!baekhyun/kyungsoo
ʚ Rating: PG-13
ʚ Warnings: mentions of minor character death by fire, trauma
ʚ Word Count: 60000 words
ʚ Summary: As far as Kyungsoo can remember, falling in love with the lead actor isn't part of the script. Then again, he's shit at acting. He stays behind the lens for a very good reason.
ʚ Message for your recipient/author note: dearest recipient, so the horror film turned out to be more of a dramatic-slash-romantic mystery thing ;~~; i hope this works for you! also, thank you so much for the prompts! they were a pleasure to work on c: i really had a lot of fun exploring kyungsoo's relationships with the people involved in this fic so i hope you enjoy this fic! as always, thank you to b and for z the beta, hand-holding, and helping smoothen out some rough parts. you are my savior ♥ thank you to tlist for cheering me on AND TO THE WONDERFUL MODS for being so accommodating! i love you all ♥

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